technical services

  • Yatcht Masts & Ship Cranes Repairing
  • Marine engine repairs & troubleshooting
  • Turbo charges overhaul & repairs
  • Boilers & Coolers Re-tubing and overhaul
  • Reconditioning of machinery items ashore
  • Retrofitting & insullation of machinery and equipment
  • Underwater repairs & inspection
  • Pre-purchase inspection and condition surveys
  • Technical superintendent and consultancy
  • Specialised machinery and equipment servicing, troubleshoting
  • Voyage riding crew supply
  • A/C Repairs and troubleshooting
  • Steel renewal
  • Surveying of life safety equipment, firefighting equipment.
  • Refilling of Acetylene, oxygen, nitrogen gas bottles
  • Rewinding electric motors
  • Refrigeration system
  • Radio system & Radar system
  • Garbage, bilge, sludge removal services
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